The Enlightened PIO to become a book

by David Harris on September 8, 2011

Thanks to interest in this blog from so many of you, I’m pleased to say that The Enlightened PIO is going to become a book. But for that to happen most successfully, I’d love a little more of your help.

What topics have been your favorites on the blog and what topics haven’t I covered well enough yet? When I collect a bit more data, I’ll make sure that information makes it into the book.

You can either leave a comment for me below or email me via physicsdavid (at)

I hope to hear from lots of you!



UPDATE: The book is now available. Email me at physicsdavid (at) gmail to get a copy.

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  • Karen Fox

    Love the blog, so excited about a book!   I actually had a little list already made of things I want to discuss with other PIOs and determine best practices.  Here are three things that I don’t think you’ve covered yet —
    doing a press conference
    call outs to media
    story gathering

    Also — things I’ve taken most to heart from you — info on working with scientists (and I have other tips there I can share with you if you want);  info on honesty and transparency.

    • David Harris

      Thanks, Karen! Those are all good topics for me to address. You have already influenced the book by inspiring a few posts!

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