The Seven Deadly Sins of Science PIOs

by David Harris on October 19, 2011

We had an interesting session at ScienceWriters2011 talking about the Seven Deadly Sins of science PIOs on Saturday. As promised at the session, we have the results of the survey we conducted.

You can download a Word document here: Seven Deadly Sins

My own list of the sins is as follows:
1. Too many crappy press releases
2. Controlling access to your researchers
3. Letting your ego get in the way
4. Competition without collaboration
5. Exaggeration or misrepresentation
6. Unclear communication
7. Failing to be a voice for stakeholders

I’ll explain these more over time but you can probably guess the meaning of most of them pretty easily!

I was also happy to launch a conference edition of The Enlightened PIO book at the meeting and sold quite a few copies there. I still have some left at $15 incl. shipping if you want to get hold of one. Just contact me at physicsdavid (at) gmail.



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